NARF West Midlands Fire & Rescue Branch



NARF West Midlands Fire & Rscue Branch is a branch that makes up part of the National Association of Retired Firefighters which was founded in 1968, to fight for conditions of former firefighters and Fire Service widows and their families.


It is vital, particularly in times like these, when pensioners are under threat, that fire-fighters stand together.


NARF consists of locally based branches, which enable members to meet, socialise, and keep in touch with old comrades from within their own Brigades, and Individual Members who have no local branch, or do not wish to be a member of a branch, but would like to belong to an organization consisting of like minded people that they understand, and will represent them.


However, most importantly, being part of a national organization allows retired firefighters to unite, and their voices to be heard at a national level. Being national also allows NARF to be represented on other important bodies for the retired, such as the National Pensioners Convention, and the Public Service Pensioners Council, Age Concern England, Age Concern Scotland, and Age Concern Cymru.


Not already a member?

  • Have you Retired from the Fire Service?

  • Are you a Fire Service widow, widower or parnter

Then Join the West Midlands Fire & Rescue Branch Retired Firefighters


The aims and objectives of the Association are:-

  1. To promote and safeguard the interest of all its members, and their dependants, and actively engage with other pensioner organisations.

  2. To promote measures for members welfare, companionship and social contacts.

  3. To maintain links with the Fire Service.


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