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Minutes of Meetings How to Log In

As from Monday 03rd June 2019 all minutes will appear on the web site where you will have to use a membership ID and user name.


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Online Book of Remembrance for Members of the Fire Service

The Firefighters Memorial Trust is pleased to announce it’s new online ‘Book of Remembrance’, dedicated to all those members of the Fire Service who have died in the course of their duties. As well as including all of the names of those recorded on The Firefighters Memorial, (2300 and rising), close to St Pauls Cathedral, in London, the book includes the names of the 509 ‘Fire Watchers’ and the 1269 ‘Fire Guards’ who did so much to fight the air raid fires of WW2 and who are known to have died during WW2. These men and women have never been recorded as a group before.

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Increase in Annual NARF Subscription from January 2021
New Payment Mandate for Deduction from Pension

With effect from the 1st January 2021, it is intended to increase the annual subscription that you currently pay to NARF via your pension from a total of £9.00 to £12.00.

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Information Sheets

Sometime ago it was suggested to us that we produce an information sheet that spouses or next of kin could fill in so that in the unfortunate occurrence of death all the necessary information required by the surviving spouse or next of kin would be noted down making things slightly easier.

We suggest it is filled in and kept in a safe place and updated as necessary

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