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The Firefighters Charity - Provides the services that enhance quality of life for serving and retired fire service personnel and their families.


Contact: Debbie Ffc Rushbrooke

Mobile: 07766901823



NARF Contact: Ian Forrester

Mobile: 07939189337


The Fire Fighters Charity’s approach to support

Ensuring you get the right support in the right way and at the right time. This is the cornerstone on which the Charity’s philosophy is based. They know everybody is different and that no two injuries are the same. They treat every beneficiary as an individual, taking time to fully understand your mental, physical and social needs, whatever the primary reason for your reaching out for support.

Your mental health
We all experience moments of stress, anxiety, panic, fear, loneliness and other such challenging feelings in our lives, it’s what makes us human. We are all also affected by different things in different ways; what may be water off one person’s back, may stick with another for a lifetime. 

We understand this, while recognising the unique challenges of working in the fire services community. We know how your work can affect you and impact your life, so we understand how this can affect your mental wellbeing too. We are here to support you with whatever psychological challenges you are facing.


Your physical health
Being struck by injury or illness can be a frustrating and emotional time as our normality shifts from the life we are used to, to one that may now stops us doing the things we want. Whether it's temporary – a broken bone or torn muscle – or life-changing, the Charity understands how important it is to recover the strength and quality of life you desire. 

So whether it’s to return to work, to full duties, to Saturday football or to any other measure of personal progress or success, the Charity’s teams will work with you to help you get there.


Your social wellbeing
Life can deal an unexpected blow at any time, but when it does, the Charity’s Welfare Services team can help you get things back on track. They can support you with life- changing situations, as well as with the unseen, invisible problems that can have a huge impact on our social wellbeing.

From financial hardship and bereavement to the need for home adaptations and social connectedness, they can support, advise and signpost, visit you at home and help you access appropriate support in your local community.

Call our Support Line on 0800 389 8820 or visit 


How to support The Fire Fighters Charity

The Fire Fighters Charity receives no government funding, and it exists purely because of the generation of its donors and fundraisers. They are fire fighters helping fire fighters, supporting each other when times get tough and ensuring their mental, physical and social wellbeing will always be cared for.


What can you do?
By giving a small monthly donation, you will make a big difference to someone accessing the Charity’s support today. If you can afford it, by donating £8 through direct debit each month and adding Gift Aid on top, the Charity could get £10 a month That’s £120 a year, from every person who donates. Think of it as insurance for your future, and the future of those you care about. If you can’t afford £8, please consider donating what you can.


Why donate?
It costs around £9 million a year to support the 5,000 people the Charity helps each year. Having a steady, predictable source of income allows the Charity to deliver its services, plan ahead and keep costs down. Unlike other sources of fundraising income, regular donations aren’t affected by outside factors such as the weather.

How to donate
You can donate today by Direct Debit, via the Charity’s website, on your mobile, tablet or desktop. If you already donate via your payroll, could you consider switching to Direct Debit as it is much easier and cheaper for the Charity to manage on your behalf?
Also, please don’t forget to gift aid. The Charity can claim an extra 25% on top of your donation from HMRC if you are a UK tax payer, at no additional cost to you.

Lottery and raffles
If you’d like to have a bit more fun with your donations, while still giving to the Charity, why not take part in its monthly lotteries or bi-annual lottery?

Find our more at:


Other ways to support the Charity

Take on a challenge:

Every year supporters take part in some spectacular challenges, from competing in the London Marathon to ladder climbing Mount Everest. You can join a host of organised events, or create your own challenge. The Charity has all the information, tools and advice you’ll need to make it a success. So what are you waiting for? Grab your trainers, bike helmet or swimsuit, and get cracking.


Hold an event:

You could join the hundreds of supporters who hold events under their own steam to raise funds. Bake sales, station open days, pub quizzes, car washes, charity balls, raffles... The list is as long as your own imagination. And whatever you do, the Charity is here to support you.


Leave a gift in your will:

By making the incredible decision to remember the Charity in your will, you will be leaving a legacy that will last a lifetime for future beneficiaries. While family and friends must come first, a percentage of your Estate or a fixed sum gift makes a huge difference to beneficiaries.


Recycle your old clothes:

We’ve all got old socks, sheets and T-shirts hanging about that we really should chuck out, but don’t know what to do with. Clear some space in your wardrobe and do some good by donating them to one of the Charity’s textile recycling banks. There are hundreds around the UK, and you can find your nearest one at